Do You Need A Supernatural Dose Of Grace and Power That Will Reignite Your Heart To Passionately Seek After God and His Plan For Your Life?

Are You Currently Sitting On Dreams And Visions For Your Life That Have Yet To Be Fulfilled Due To Fear or Complacency?

Would You Like Personal Coaching and Mentoring From A Seasoned Prophet Who Has Preached In Over 50 Nations and Authored Highly Acclaimed Books Read By Thousands All Over The World?

If You Can Answer YES To Any Of The Questions Above, Then We Invite You To Join

The Wealthy Place Destiny Academy

What Is The Wealthy Place Destiny Academy?

The Wealthy Place Destiny Academy is an online educational and mentorship forum, founded by Prophetess Michelle McClain-Walters, to equip believers with the essential tools to fulfill their God-given assignment, as well as provide motivational support in walking out their destiny.

As I travel throughout the country, I am discovering that many individuals experience difficulty in figuring out what they're called to do, and how their calling fits into the plan and purpose of God for their life. In addition, some individuals know what they're called to do, but lack the drive, roadmap, and even mentorship to diligently execute the will of God in regards to their life purpose or destiny. For this reason, a brand new interactive mentorship forum, called the Wealthy Place Destiny Academy was created.

The Wealthy Place Destiny Academy will be a safe & interactive place of self-paced learning, where Prophetess Michelle will personally take you by the hand and provide teachings, and live Q and A sessions that will guide you on important on topics such as....

Key Topics

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  • Understanding The Fatherhood of God and Why It Is Important.

  • Breaking the Orphan Spirit so that you can Embrace Your Covenantal Right as a son of God.

  • How to Move from a Place of Stagnation and Complacency towards Manifesting one's Destiny.

  • How to Accurately Hear the Voice of God for your Occupation or Ministry.

  • The Power of a Focused Life and How to Set SMART Goals for your Destiny.

  • The Destiny Killers that Thwart you off your Path of Success and how to overcome Them through the Wisdom of God.

When fulfilling destiny, it is important that you have experienced mentors who can share wisdom and provide support as you pursue purpose and implement God's destiny blueprint for your life.  God never intended for us to achieve greatness or success on our own.  Every great achiever who overcame extraordinary odds was inspired or supported by someone who has been down their road and understands the journey.  Prophetess Michelle McClain-Walters desires to provide that support for you.

God has given her a passion to pour into the lives of hungry believers, and provide up close mentorship and discipleship for individuals who are compelled to pursue God's purpose for their life.

Very few leaders and men of renown have the desire and heart to raise up and mentor a modern day company of leaders that will shake ungodly systems and transform the world around them. Prophetess Michelle McClain-Walters has made it a life mission to see a generation of earth shakers and history makers rise up and occupy their rightful place of influence.

If you have a desire to be mentored and trained by a seasoned Prophet with over 20+ years of ministerial experience, while simultaneously getting the help and support that you need in order to cultivate one's destiny and confidently walk in it, then you should strongly consider making the decision to join The Wealthy Place Destiny Academy today.

You will have the opportunity to join The Wealthy Place Destiny Academy mentorship program on three different admission levels, based on personal need and the quality of mentoring you are seeking for.

The Planting level is an elementary level that provides online mentorship through monthly teaching modules, live Q and A sessions, and courses that you will have access to 24 hours a day. The admission fee for the basic level is $47 per month.

Note: The next 2 admission levels provide a more intimate and up-close mentorship with Prophetess Michelle McClain-Walters.

The Watering level is the private group mentorship program that gives you all the benefits of the basic level, but provides an additional opportunity to become mentored by Prophetess Michelle McClain-Walters in an intimate group setting. In this level, you will have the opportunity to meet with her on group webinar sessions and connect with her at small regional gatherings across the nation. The admission fee for private group mentorship is $997 every 3 months ($332/month).

The Nurturing level are for individuals who are seeking a more intimate, up-close, one-on-one mentorship/discipleship from Prophetess Michelle McClain-Walters. In this level, you will receive all of the benefits from the previous two levels, but you will also have the opportunity to be directly poured into and ministered to by Prophetess Michelle McClain-Walters during personal video calls or private phone calls scheduled once a month.  Students who register for the One-On-One Mentoring will be able to travel with Prophetess Michelle McClain-Walters and minister with her during one of her international mission trips, after 1 year of mentorship.  The admission fee for the One-On-One Mentorship Program is $1,997 every 3 months.

*NOTE: One-On-One Mentorship Program requires an application process that MUST be completed before admission.

About Your Instructor

Author, Prophet Michelle McClain-Walters

Michelle McClain Walters is one of God’s chosen Kingdom Prophets and she carries a strong apostolic spirit. There is a powerful, prophetic creative force in her mouth that sets lives on the course God originally ordained for them. Michelle cries loud and spares not. Her voice is an end of the age trumpet and also the voice of roaring lion, springing from the thickets, causing his prey to be petrified. The anointing on her life breaks the powers of darkness and sets the captives free, releasing them into a life of fruitfulness.Michelle has passion to empower a generation to exercise the authority of the Kingdom in every arena of life.God has anointed her to mentor, teach and train many sons and daughters so they can fulfill their destinies in the earth.Michelle has traveled to over 50 nations and several cities in the U. S partnering with senior church leaders to release strategies that advance the Kingdom of God in their territory. She has conducted schools of the prophet that have activated thousands in the art of hearing the voice of God.Michelle has dedicated her life to developing strategic alliances with apostolic leaders that build New Testament churches to bring a regional and global impact.Michelle currently serves as Director of Prayer Ministry on the staff of Crusaders Church under the leadership of Apostle John Eckhardt. She is also one of the house prophets and apostolic team leaders at impact network. She is a Charisma House author of four books Prophetic Advantage, The Esther Anointing, The Deborah Anointing and The Anna Anointing.Michelle resides in the city of Chicago along with her husband Pastor Floyd A Walters Jr.

Authored 6 Books


Question 1:  Will I receive this resource in the mail?

Answer:  No. The Wealthy Place Destiny Academy is an online forum, which means all of the courses and training material are 100% digital. You will only have access via the web. The Private One-On-One Mentoring will be done via phone call, or video conference call.

Question 2:  What happens after I enroll in The Wealthy Place Destiny Academy?

Answer: After submitting your order, you will receive an email with your username and password. You will be able to login to your student portal and view all of the lessons within each module. You will also receive an email confirmation of your purchase.

Question 3:  Can I download any lessons for off-line viewing?

Answer: No. All of the lessons within each module is available for streaming online anywhere at anytime. However, there are certain homework assignments given to you in .pdf worksheet format that you will have to download in order to complete it.

Question 4:  What if the academy doesn't meet my needs or expectations?

Answer: You will be able to cancel your enrollment at anytime by sending an email to [email protected] or contacting us on any of our social networking platforms. After receiving your cancellation request, we will promptly end your monthly subscription, and you can request a refund only within 30 days of your initial purchase date. After the first 30-day period, you will only be able to cancel your enrollment and not request for a refund.

Question 5:  Are my credit/debit card details secure?

Answer: Yes. They are 100% secure. All payments are processed through our PCI-compliant payment processor.

Question 6:  Is there a payment plan option for the Private Group Coaching (Watering Level) or the Private One-On-One Mentoring (Nurturing Level)?

Answer:  Currently, we do not offer payment plans for both the Private Group Mentoring or the One-On-One Mentoring. These programs are only available for a one-time fee that gives you access to all of the features within the enrollment level.

Question 7:  Do I get access to all of the courses within the academy at once or only in pieces?

Answer: When you enroll in The Wealthy Place Destiny Academy for the first time, you will receive instant access to all of the courses & lessons that have been prepared and launched since the start date of the Academy. We will be rolling out new courses and teachings each month. We encourage students to log into their student dashboard as frequently as possible to view the new content.  All of the courses within the curriculum were setup in a "go at your own pace" model, so you can complete the coursework at your own pace! This self-paced learning format was created for your own convenience!

Question 8:  What if I have a question or need support?

Answer: We are here to help you. If you have a question, you can contact us at [email protected] and we'll be happy to assist you.

Classes Have Already Begun!

All Courses In The Academy Are Self-Paced Learning.

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