The World Is Desperate For God's Voice!

And The Holy Spirit Has Anointed You With The Prophetic Advantage!

One of the greatest advantages of being a Spirit-Filled Believer is the ability to hear the Voice of God, and release His Voice into the earth through prophetic ministry. In the Prophetic Advantage E-Course, Prophetess Michelle McClain-Walters will guide students through a practical, comprehensive, and balanced understanding of the purpose & role of prophetic ministry in the world today. This e-course will walk students through 3+ hours of video instruction about various aspects of the prophetic ministry, and prophetic character, that will unlock your heart, and extend your faith to hear the voice of God for your personal life, and for those around you. This online study includes homework assignments, quizzes, discussion forums, online prayer times & activation times that are designed to enhance your learning experience and leave an impartation of the prophetic advantage in your life,

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The Prophetic Advantage E-course was created to help you embark on your journey towards hearing God's Voice clearly, and becoming God’s mouthpiece that transforms the world. Within this course, we introduce students to the nature & character of God, and how the voice of God should sound.


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  • What Is Prophecy?

  • Seven Spirits of God

  • The Lion's Roar

  • Worship & Intercession

  • Ways God Speaks

  • Communication Methods


  • 1

    Welcome & Introduction

    • Welcome To The Prophetic Advantage Online Course!

  • 2

    The Prophetic Advantage


    • Video - You Have An Advantage!

    • Lesson 1A - The Outpouring of The Holy Spirit


    • Lesson 1B - Releasing The Lion's Roar


    • Student Discussion - The Character of a Lion

    • Lesson 1C - The Seven Spirits of God

    • Lesson 1D - Wisdom and Understanding

    • Lesson 1E - Counsel and Might

    • Lesson 1F - Knowledge and Fear of The Lord

    • Homework 3 - Lesson 1

    • Prayer Room: The Spirit of The Lord

  • 3

    Hearing God's Voice


    • Video - Cultivate Your Capacity To Hear The Voice of The Lord

    • Lesson 2A - The Voice of The Lord

    • Prayer Room - The Voice of The Lord

    • QUIZ 1 - LESSON 2A

    • Supplementary Video Teaching -Desiring Prophecy

    • Lesson 2B - Worship & The Call To Love

    • Lesson 2C - All Are Not Prophets?

    • Lesson 2D - The Power of Edification, Exhortation, and Comfort

    • Lesson 2E - Various Ways God Communicates To Us

    • How Does God Communicate To You? - Personal Assessment

    • HOMEWORK 4 - Lesson 2

    • Student Discussion - How Does God Speak To Me?

  • 4

    The Hill of The Lord


    • Video - Ascend The Hill of The Lord

    • Lesson 3A - Character In The Prophetic Ministry

    • Lesson 3B - The Call To Humility & Purity

    • Video - Go Build!

  • 5

    Module 4 - Go Build!

    • Video - Go Build!

    • Here's what's next...

  • 6

    Live Webinar Room w/ Michelle McClain-Walters

    • Next Webinar: TBA (To Be Announced)

    • Scheduled Times For Online Prophetic Activations

About Your Instructor

Author, Prophet

Michelle McClain-Walters

Michelle McClain Walters is one of God’s chosen Kingdom Prophets and she carries a strong apostolic spirit. There is a powerful, prophetic creative force in her mouth that sets lives on the course God originally ordained for them. Michelle cries loud and spares not. Her voice is an end of the age trumpet and also the voice of roaring lion, springing from the thickets, causing his prey to be petrified. The anointing on her life breaks the powers of darkness and sets the captives free, releasing them into a life of fruitfulness.Michelle has passion to empower a generation to exercise the authority of the Kingdom in every arena of life.God has anointed her to mentor, teach and train many sons and daughters so they can fulfill their destinies in the earth.Michelle has traveled to over 50 nations and several cities in the U. S partnering with senior church leaders to release strategies that advance the Kingdom of God in their territory. She has conducted schools of the prophet that have activated thousands in the art of hearing the voice of God.Michelle has dedicated her life to developing strategic alliances with apostolic leaders that build New Testament churches to bring a regional and global impact.Michelle currently serves as Director of Prayer Ministry on the staff of Crusaders Church under the leadership of Apostle John Eckhardt. She is also one of the house prophets and apostolic team leaders at impact network. She is a Charisma House author of four books Prophetic Advantage, The Esther Anointing, The Deborah Anointing and The Anna Anointing.Michelle resides in the city of Chicago along with her husband Pastor Floyd A Walters Jr.

Begin Your Jorney on Becoming God's Mouthpiece.

The path to becoming God's mouthpiece not only requires faith, but  a relinquishing of your nature in exchange for the nature of Christ, and establishing your heart to walk humbly before God and man, while living a life of love and purity.  This is key to walking in The Prophetic Advantage! So, what are you waiting for?

You can enroll in The Prophetic Advantage E-Course, which is part of The Wealthy Place Destiny Academy, for a small, one-time, flat fee of only $19.99!

Interactive Study in The Prophetic Ministry

Includes Private Webinars w/ Prophetess Michelle McClain-Walters

This registration fee will cover all of the resources included within The Prophetic Advantage E-Course, including homework assignments, quizzes, discussion forms, and online prayer times & activation times.


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